Friday, April 3, 2009

We Were Bought With a Price !

We were bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus; therefore I will glorify God in my body and spirit, which are God's.
I will not use any part of me to do my own will but allow God to have his will in all my life.
I not let Satan or sin to possess, barrow or pollute my body, mind or heart, for I am God's.
Jesus is mine; the Holy Spirit is in control of every thought, act and relationship.
God is love. I Know God, He knows me; therefore agape love will be my aim and attitude.
Christ accepted me, and I accepted Him. I'll not allow any division or separation from Him.
This is my commitment to Him, for he gave his life for me, and His Spirit to me. Amen.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heaven The Book

I Liked this book very much. It is available at http://christianbooks .com
Here are some reviews:

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The Most Comprehensive Study of Heaven, February 7, 2007
Reviewer:Daniel Darling "Christian author and speaker" (Chicago area)

I waited way too long to read this book, but when if finally soaked in its pages, I have come away a different person. Randy Alcorn delivers on a topic often mentioned, but seldom studied: the nature of our eternal home.

Very few people can write in such a conversational way and yet deliver sound, Scriptural basis for their thoughts. Randy Alcorn's Heaven strengthens our theology of God and anchors us to the reality of Heaven as a real place, as God's final redemption of this fallen world.

Beyond questions about "Will we know each other, will we drink coffee, etc," Alcorn explores every conceivable question about Heaven and he does with surprising humility, grace, and awe. HE spends the first several chapters outlining his basis and pleading with the believer for understanding as he plumbs the depths of subject rarely discussed and so hardly understood.

I have come away from this book excited about going to Heaven. I know now it will be a place much different than the meaningly combination of clouds, floating angels, harps and aimlessness I used to picture. I think of Heaven as a wonderfully real place. I think of it as this earth as it should be. And I've come away with a theology of God that looks beyond what we humans have considered "spiritual," and now see God's handiwork in all things.

Alcorn has delivered a masterpiece, a Christian classic for all time. Read this book and it will most certainly change your life.

Heaven by Randy Alcorn, January 25, 2007
Reviewer:R. Pagano-Fuller (Rochester, NY) - See all my reviews
As I read this book, starting with the Preface and Introduction, the Author, Randy Alcorn, quickly gained my respect. It was immediately obvious that he had done his homework and invested significant time in researching the topic both through other authors and writers and even more importantly, through the Scriptures. Due to his knowledge of the content and the research he conducted it was possible for him to identify clearly the opinions, ideas and misperceptions that I personally held regarding Heaven. The book is outstanding because of the much greater understanding I now have regarding Heaven. The book has enabled me to look at death with much less apprehension and eternity with much more excitement, enthusiasm and wonder. Finally, the author's credibility was further enhanced with his willingness to seek feedback and opinions from his readers and identify that parts of the information he has written on Heaven is "in fact" his opinions - while most of it is clearly based on specific and vivid accounts in Scripture.

Love, Howard